Kitsap County Gravel Driveway Design & Repair

I love living here in the great Northwest, and I’ve been through so many fall and winters here in Kitsap county that the old joke that I don’t get a tan I rust still holds true. Fall and winter is our rainy season and it’s a time when potholes start to form around our gravel driveways.

It’s a vicious cycle in that each time you drive through a puddle it increases in size. The rain water that accumulates in your puddle dissipates every time you drive through it, causing gravel and dirt to escape the puddle. Over time and with increased traffic on your driveway, these small puddles become man eating potholes.

The importance in keeping your driveway in good shape is to make sure that it is graded properly. This allows for the rain water to drain away and not pool on the surface — the start of the puddle — we grade driveways this way to ensure that water will not pool on the surface.


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