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Most of us here in the soggy Pacific Northwest have gravel driveways and these require yearly maintenance or repairs done to keep them in good shape. The constant barrage of rain causes water to pool and puddle and each time we drive through these puddles they become larger and larger until we finally have a car damaging pothole. The main cause of pooling rainwater is a result of poor drainage or poor grading of your gravel driveway.

At Logan Development, we offer long-term solutions for your gravel driveway and drainage problems. Whether you just want a truckload of gravel spread or you would like us to come up with a drainage solution and regrade your driveway, we can help.

We also specialize in grading and graveling community roads. We have versatile equipment which allows us to customize and reach areas that big trucks can’t. Whether it’s a large parking area or a walking path we do a nice finish job.

Based on the weather and existing driveway conditions we work with you to choose the best product fit your needs and budget.

Getting the water off your driveway is the best way to prevent potholes so we use a compact track loader and a small grader to accomplish this. Because of the large quantity of gravel we purchase throughout the year, we have the best prices around. When we submit a bid we include the tonnage and type of gravel to be used and approximate yardage so you can make your decision.

Even though our amazing team uses heavy equipment to grade and spread gravel, we still take the time to use a rake and shovel to make sure your gravel driveway is finished to perfection. The difference between an average job and a great job is in the details and we take pride in separating ourselves from the competition and focus on the details.

  • "I have a rather large circular gravel driveway that had man-eating potholes.  Logan and his team came in and graded and graveled my driveway in record time and I can say with great joy that my driveway is still pothole free 2 years after the work was done. Thank you so much for your expert work and reasonable rates."
    Jason L. Eckert, Kingston, WA

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